All of our coffees are ethically sourced and carefully roasted by the award winning Alabaster Coffee in Williamsport PA. We fell in love with their approach to finding high-quality coffees that were grown in mindful conditions, by fairly treated workers. After finding a coffee that meets their criteria, it is artfully profile-roasted to highlight the subtle flavors imparted by the care and attention that went into growing, harvesting, and processing it.

We strive to continue that level of appreciation in our brewing and serving of these wonderfully cared for coffee beans. Our menu is created to allow us the opportunity to showcase the amazing flavors that can come from a carefully crafted cup of coffee.


Grounding is the culmination of lessons learned over decades of entrepreneurship, customer service, education, and coffee. We all want to do business with companies that care about the same things we care about.

As self-aware human beings, we care about ourselves; our physical, mental, and emotional health / our impact / our comfort / our happiness / our longevity.

But caring about those aspects of a customer seems to scare many businesses. It doesn't seem like a profitable business if your customers aren't addicted to the sugar in your product, or if they don't fall victim to exaggerated claims, or false promises.

At Grounding, we disagree. We want our customers to be happy and healthy, before and after visiting us. So, not only do we serve health conscious menu items, but we also strive to create an atmosphere and interactions that uplift the spirit, and invigorate the mind. We believe that our customers are intelligent, compassionate, thoughtful humans. We want to treat them as such.



252 N Franklin Street, Ste C
Red Lion, PA 17356


6a - 6p / Closed Wednesdays


phone: 717.947.3336